Tell the Birds | Lydia Burggraaf

Tell the Birds is a cross-disciplinary and collaborative project with Amanda White that attempts to challenge viewers’ relationships with their immediate environment and the other animals, in particular birds, found therein. Through research of scholarly biological studies and in consultation with ornithologists at the University of Windsor, we came to learn about a significant shift currently happening in how biologists understand animals experience their environments. For birds in particular, research is showing that their visual capabilities far exceed our own – represented on the visual spectrum, birds are capable of seeing between the range of 300-700 while human can see 400-700. So we got our hands on some Bird Vision paint, paint only birds can see because it reflects light only within the 300-400 (ultra-violet) range.

Currently, the project exists online, as print media, and in educational programs. Our “call for submissions” outlines the differences in visual capabilities between humans and birds and asks them to reflect on their relationship with birds they encounter in their own environment and how their interactions could be improved or challenged through interspecies communication. The product of this cognitive shift are signs that only birds can see.

© JoAnna 2015